1-2-1 puppy and dog training

1-2-1 Training

One-To-One Dog Training

Our one to one sessions are designed exclusively for your specific needs, whether it be a puppy home visit, training for your adolescent or adult dog or help with a newly homed rescue dog.

Training can be arranged at a time to suit you and will either be at our training ground near Hazlemere and High Wycombe or at your home or a venue specific to your dog's needs.

Call us on 07787 041660 to discuss your requirements and to book an appointment.

Home puppy training

Home Puppy Training

Training in the safety of your own home, helping you to get it right from day one. Even before your puppy's second vaccination vital training can still begin at home. Making it easier for the day when they go out into the big wide world, on walks or their first puppy class. These visits are ideal for first time puppy owners, helping to take the worry out of the first few days with your new pup.

We will make an appointment to come and see you and your puppy and discuss what you would like to achieve with your puppy and if you have any particular problems.

You will then be shown training exercises for you and your puppy to practise and be given a training schedule for the next few weeks. The visit also includes a free "Welcome Puppy Pack" containing lots of useful information about puppy behaviour and training.

Puppy 1-2-1 Pricing
  • Pre-puppy visit: £40, 1 hour
  • Puppy home training visit: £80, 1½ hours
  • Follow on visit: £60, 1 hour
What we cover

Some of what we can cover includes:

Reflex to name
Basic positions - sit / down / stand
Introduction to walking on a lead
Coming when called
Jumping up / Mouthing / Toilet training

If puppy has had all his vaccinations we can work in the outdoor environment gaining necessary socialising skills and, perhaps, a gradual introduction to livestock, traffic and busy streets.

We use modern dog training methods

Modern Methods

We use modern training methods based on motivation and reward, keeping training relaxed and enjoyable for both you and your dog.
We want to encourage your puppy to do your bidding because he wants to, not because he has to. We don't want them to be scared into submission we want him or her to be confident and to enjoy what they do.

  • General Training
    • 1-2-1 training session at our training ground: £60, 1 hour
  • Complex Behaviour Issues. eg Reactivity; Separation anxiety;
    • Initial behaviour consultation - including visit, write-up, breakdown of exercises: £100, 2 hours
    • Follow on visits: £60, 1 hour
Adult dog 1-2-1 training

Adolescent / Adult / Rescue Dogs

We can help you with all aspects of your dog's training or behaviour whether it be settling your new rescue dog into its new home and on-going training or helping you with your adolescent or adult dog.

Examples of some of the things we can help with include:

Walking nicely on the lead
Coming when called / Recall
Jumping up
Excessive barking
Separation issues
Resource guarding

One to one training is also available for scentwork, agility and tracking. Contact us for more details.