HHH Scentwork

Scentwork UK classes

Scentwork for our pet dogs is about teaching them to sniff out a particular scent. Scents like clove, gun oil or truffle oil are generally used. Dogs have an amazing sense of smell and a natural desire to hunt and find things.

Our scentwork sessions are designed to develop our dogs natural scenting abilities by using their desire to hunt and their love of food and toys. Your dog will have great fun, build confidence and focus and burn physical and mental energy. It will also help you and your dog bond and work as a team. Our scentwork sessions are open to any type of dog and of any age.

No previous experience is necessary!

You can also work towards taking your Scentwork UK level 1 trial (and beyond...).

HHH Course content

Some of the things we will cover are:

Introducing your dog to a specific scent
Boxes and luggage searches
Exterior car searches
Exterior items searches
Tables and chairs
Indications, passive & active

Some equipment you will need:

Correctly fitted harness
Long lead or line
High value treats or toy

Scentwork class dates

Our scentwork classes are held on a rolling/continuous basis on Sunday mornings at Downley Guide and Scout Centre. If you would like to join in please contact us for more details.

Course cost: £ 96.00

6 week course starting on Sun 4 September 2022, 10:15 and finishing on Sun 16 October 2022

No class on 2nd October

One to one scentwork sessions can be arranged at times and dates to suit you and will also be suitable for reactive dogs that cannot work in a group.

HHH location

Venue & Booking

The classes are held at:

The Guide and Scout Centre
Coates Lane
High Wycombe
HP13 5UX

Further details can be found on the location page.

Contact Lisa at info@huntshappyhounds.co.uk for a booking form and payment information.